Updates & Features

FDM is updated on a regular basis with new features and updates. The main list of the main features contained in each new version are are shown here. The latest version is [Version]

New features coming in [Date]

Lilac are currently finalising a number of new FDM features for release in [Date] including [Features].


ModuleFeatured update
REST APIThe REST API is enhanced by the addition of new endpoints that allow querying of Trade Flows and IIR Data.
Administrator (Web App)The system is extended by the addition of new administration utilities for signing on including support for 2 factor authentication, user and user groups management, export groups management, configuration of analysis groups, configuration of Proprietary Curves as well as general improvements.
Curve BuilderSome maintenance and usability updates and some design work for a "Advanced" currently planned for v20.0
Eikon AppThe application is updated with the addition of a new feature for multiple axis charting.
Excel Add-inThe application is enhanced by the addition of a new Function Wizard utility as well as improvements in error handling, curve searching and copy/paste functionality.
Fixture DataA new service that loads and stores Fixture data (delivered via PointConnect). A example spreadsheet which loads the data has also been developed.
IIR DataA new service which allows for automated imports of IIR’s Refinery Units and Turnarounds data.
Metals DataThe first metals data interface is now supported by the system with a new service which enables automatic loading of Metals Data delivered via PointConnect.