about us

Lilac Energy Software Solutions is a specialist supplier of software systems to energy and commodity clients worldwide. The Lilac team has a strong mix of technical and industry skills, using the latest development tools which combines with strong experience and a targeted approach.

Lilac staff have almost 20 years of experience within the field of system and service solutions for the deregulated energy markets, starting within market modelling, contract analysis, price forecasting consultancy followed by developing trading, decision support and contract management systems for energy companies throughout Europe. Our team has extensive knowledge of delivering software development and services projects on time and to budget. 

We have a constantly increasing product range and a number of clients and partners throughout Europe. Lilac’s main offering is its Fundamental Data Management system and this forms our main software product.

Our aim is to become the leading global provider of Fundamental Data Management software for a variety of data types for a variety of clients ranging from Energy to Agriculture who want to look at specific and detailed market analysis and scenarios.

The team has a flexible approach in delivering solutions and works closely with its clients to ensure timely delivery of solutions, services and focused advice. Projects are carefully managed to ensure they are delivered on time and to budget

Lilac Energy Software Solutions Ltd, Registered Company number SC447961